A tribute to the iconic music legend, Patsy Cline, featuring Judy Harrison and ReBooted

"Sassy, fun, and at times eerily hair raising." - Jeff Hankins

Short Bio

A tribute to the iconic music legend, Patsy Cline, featuring Judy Harrison and ReBooted.


“Our audiences loved this toe tapping trip down memory lane full of familiar songs and a glimpse into Patsy Cline’s meteoric rise to fame. The ReBooted band and the talented backup singers, who also serve as narrators, add just the right flavor to Judy Harrison’s striking vocal performance of Patsy’s iconic songs.”
– Betsy Willis, Development Director of the Old Town Playhouse

“Sassy, fun, and at times eerily hair raising. The cast of Remembering Patsy easily transported me back in time and lyrically guided me through the late 50’s and early 60’s of Patsy’s career. At times if I closed my eyes it was hard to believe I hadn’t been.”
– Jeff Hankins

“In Remembering Patsy Cline, Judy Harrison and co. sparkle! Her powerful voice and showmanship captivated the room!”
– Bell Allen

“A must for Patsy Cline fans! Judy, her girls, and the band are awesome in this show! Great entertainment for a night out :)”
– Paul Widlund

“The Patsy Cline show was fantastic, what talent!”
– Old Town Playhouse Patron

“Through breathtaking musical talent and a warm hearted performance, Judy Harrison and ReBooted reawaken admiration for the great Patsy Cline.”
– Allie Troutman

Long Bio

Judy Harrison, along with professional, high-energy performers from ReBooted, will bring you on a beautiful and emotional walk through the rise and success of one of America’s iconic music legends – Patsy Cline. This dynamic show will sweep you away, as they honor the legend and her incredible repertoire. The stories of her life are weaved seamlessly with her songs and highlighted with choreography, impeccable harmonies and the classic voice and character of Judy Harrison as Patsy. No matter your age, whether you are new to the music of Patsy Cline, or a lifetime fan, this show will entertain and capture your heart. 


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